Ama Fertility Center
Women's health and fertility

WELCOME to Marin Wellness and Fertility. We aim to provide our clients with a highly personal and custom experience that includes a state of the art, integral and contemporary approach to alternative health, treatment and medicine. This combined with an extensive and ever-evolving understanding of modern medical knowledge and treatments gives Marin Wellness and Fertility a comprehensive array of treatment options available for all your unique and individual needs.

Marin Wellness and Fertility RESIDES AT: 1938 Fourth Street Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94930. We are located just west of Downtown San Rafael, on the westbound side of the road, just where Fourth Street and Third Street merge and become the Miracle Mile. Our comfortable, well-lit and spacious waiting room provides a pleasant and relaxing introduction to your upcoming holistic and energetic experience.

MARIN WELLNESS AND FERTILITY PROVIDES A CALM YET INVIGORATING SPA-LIKE FEEL. We have three private treatment rooms—each with its own unique style and arrangment gives our clients a one of a kind creative experience and opportunity to explore the qualities of their own energetic awareness. Each room provides ample space physically and energetically to give you the most calm and meditative atmosphere to receiving treatment.

OUR EXTENSIVE HERBAL PHARMACY gives us a more than adequate array of available treatment options while exploring and navigating towards the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Also included: highly caring and passionate staff : )