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I HEARD ABOUT ANCA SIRA THROUGH WORD OF MOUTH. HAVING HAD TWO MISCARRIAGES, I needed to take steps to improve the odds and I knew she had helped many women in the same situation. She impressed me immediately with her professional yet personal approach.


Unlike most conventional physicians, Anca started by taking a thorough history of my general health. It turned out I had a spleen imbalance which might affect my hormones. She recommended a hormone-balancing diet as well as herbs that I was to take three times per day. I saw her for treatments once a week and came to look forward to these sessions with her. It was like having a spa treatment and a therapy session at the same time, and after a while I felt better just entering her office.


"After six months of treatment I got pregnant, and continued seeing Anca throughout the pregnancy. In June 2006, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl."







I’m convinced that Anca helped me get and stay pregnant. In addition to the actual acupuncture treatment; she cared about me and made me feel good about my situation. I remember many times hearing her say: “Monica, honey, you’ll get pregnant; it’s just a matter of time”. In my experience, the treatment helped my body get in shape and prepare it for a healthy pregnancy, and during the nine months of pregnancy, Anca stood by my side with emotional support and good advice. I had a very easy pregnancy, and attribute this to a combination of good eating habits, yoga and Anca!


One other plus about Anca is that she is well connected in the community. I needed a new OB/Gyn, and she gave me a recommendation that was very satisfying. She is also familiar with local doula services and other great resources for healthy pregnancy and birth.


Over time, I came to view Anca as a friend, and felt that she shared our joy as I got pregnant and had our baby.


My husband and I are so glad we found her!






AT AGE 31 MY HUSBAND AND I DECIDED TO START TRYING TO HAVE A CHILD. We soon found ourselves pregnant. At almost 10 weeks I had a natural miscarriage. This was a devastating experience for us. When I asked my ob/gyn if she would run tests on me or watch me more carefully she stated she would only do that if I had a second miscarriage. With that said I knew I needed to take care of myself and find an alternative path for my care. Needless to say the whole experience of the miscarriage was heartbreaking. I couldn’t snap out of the feeling of what was wrong with me after several more months of trying.


I decided that I wanted to look into acupuncture for fertility and I Googled just that on the internet and found Anca! This truly began my life changing experience. I immediately called Anca and explained our situation and she comforted me from the very beginning. I met with her weekly and we immediately worked on my cycle and my diet. She would customize herbs to my cycle as well.


Within almost four months I was pregnant! Anca informed me that I could continue to see her through my first trimester and then I could be on my own. The care and friendship I received from Anca allowed me to get through my entire pregnancy. It wasn’t just the acupuncture and the herbs it was having someone to discuss my fears with that I was receiving as well. Every time I saw Anca I always felt better when I left. Needless to say I continued to see her through my entire pregnancy.


From the beginning she thought I was having a girl and sure enough I did! She also told me I would go into labor on a Friday evening and deliver on a Saturday and I sure did! I can’t express in words what a wonderful person Anca is and how much the whole process helped me! We now have a beautiful baby girl. She was born at 39 ½ weeks 6lbs 14oz and 20.9 inches long and a full head of hair! I continue to see Anca for post partum care and general well being. It has been an incredible experience. She helped make something possible that I thought might not ever be.


Thank you Anca







AFTER 3 YEARS OF MARRIAGE FILLED WITH EXTENSIVE TRAVELLING AND MAKING THE MOST OF OUR LIFE WITHOUT CHILDREN, my husband and I decided we were ready to have a family. My being 30 years old at the time, we thought it would happen fairly quickly and easily. After 6 months of trying, we were pregnant. Everything was going great, until about 10 weeks along when I started bleeding. My husband and I went in for an ultrasound and to our shock we had lost the baby. We were devastated. How could this happen?


After 6 months of grief and sorrow, we were pregnant again! This time we were much more guarded and not nearly as naïve – miscarriages were much more common than we had realized. Again, about 8 weeks into the pregnancy I started bleeding. We went in for an ultrasound and were thrilled to see a heartbeat! Everything was okay – or so we thought. One week later I started bleeding again. We went in for another ultrasound and were told the baby had not grown and there was no longer a heartbeat. We cannot explain in words the pain we felt. How could two young, healthy people keep losing babies? The doctor told us to not give up and to keep trying. “It was just bad odds.”


As much as we wanted a child how could we continue to go through such heartache. We felt we had to do something. A friend suggested I call Anca. One week after my second miscarriage I had my first appointment. I was thoroughly impressed and immediately felt a burden lift from my shoulders. Anca made me feel confident I was in good hands, and that she could help. I could tell she truly cared. She was very detailed in the questions she asked during my first visit and along with acupuncture; put me on a diet filled with added protein and the appropriate vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help support the growth of a healthy baby.


Along with addressing our miscarriage issues, I also visited Anca to improve and maintain my general health and wellbeing. I immediately saw and felt beneficial changes. After years of having cold hands and feet, with Anca’s help my circulation had improved greatly and I was no longer cold anymore. If I were getting sick I would schedule an appointment and would leave feeling good as new.


After 6 months of seeing Anca every two weeks, I was pregnant again!! This time, from the beginning it just felt right. I continued to see Anca once a week for the first 14 weeks at which point she said that I did not have to see her anymore. She had been such an integral part of helping me hold the baby and had provided such positive emotional support, that I continued to see her throughout the entire pregnancy. If we had any questions or concerns after doctor’s appointments or in general, Anca was always available and happy to lend her knowledge and support to ease our minds.


On January 18, 2006 , our dreams came true when our beautiful baby boy was born. We truly believe that he arrived healthy and safe due to Anca’s treatment and expertise. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for our family.

Michelle and Matt






I WAS 36 AND HAD BEEN TRYING TO GET PREGNENT FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND A HALF when a friend suggested I see an acupuncturist. She had heard of Anca and suggested I call her. I am sure glad I did!


When I first met Anca, I immediately knew I was in good hands. She is so easy and enjoyable to talk to. I was convinced I couldn't get pregnant. I had tried Clomid without success and basically was committed to starting drug therapy or whatever it took in a few months. I figured that was as long as I could take waiting any longer. After our lengthy first conversation going over all of my history, Anca convincingly and reassuringly told me to give her three months. She was sure she could help me get pregnant--and she did!


I spent the next three months going to see Anca about every other weekend. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, she put me on a special fertility diet and supplemented it with various herbs. Although at first the diet was difficult to follow, I soon felt so good and had so much energy, people I knew kept asking me about it and wanting to copy it! I really looked forward to our visits. She was so knowledgeable, encouraging and just great to talk with. We would talk about everything that had been happening fertility-wise and just about anything else that had been going on in life as well. In fact, Anca's diet, advice and general know-how became such a big part of my life and by default that of my husband's and close friends, they would often say to me when we questioned something, "what would Anca say?" She became and continues to be a dear friend to me.


After two months, I began getting nervous again but Anca reassured me that things were going well and to hang in there. Our last official --trying to get pregnant --visit I will never forget. I went to see Anca on a Saturday and I was really discouraged thinking that I would never get pregnant. She felt my pulse and said to me that she of course didn't want to get my hopes up but, just maybe my wish may have been realized and that I was pregnant with a boy. I didn't think much of it--or didn't want to anyway, not wanting to go through another month of being let down. However, on Christmas eve, I felt my first serious pang of nausea. I was elated!


Anca was right. Three months and there it was-- a positive pregnancy test. I don't think words can describe how happy I was at that very moment. My pregnancy went perfectly fine, I'm convinced thanks to how well prepared my body was to support my growing baby. This Christmas we shared with our beautiful 4 month old baby boy. I will forever be grateful to Anca and what joy she has helped me realize--being a mommy is a wonderful thing!



Christina gave birth to a healthy baby boy






I WAS 38 WHEN MY HUSBAND AND I BEGAN TRYING FOR A BABY. After about 4 months with no success we began traditional treatment, where I was diagnosed with "diminished ovarian reserve," which supposedly meant my eggs weren't plentiful or healthy.


The clinic doctors recommended I go through their fertility program, beginning with Clomid and progressing to IVF, with two doctors suggesting that IVF would give me the best chances, but no guaranteed success. My husband and I found that the rollercoaster ride was too emotional for me, and that the drugs (Clomid and HCG) were making me crazy, such that the next step, injectables (a precursor to IVF), would be too much for our relationship. We both felt also that the intrauterine insemination that followed was just too impersonal. I also felt that the doctors did not really understand the emotional component of the process and that their insistence on diagnosing me put a real strain on me physically and emotionally, inhibiting my chances.


I also decided to try acupuncture, going to someone who had been recommended to me by a friend. After five months of weekly acupuncture appointments, which also coincided with the fertility treatments, I decided to stop both acupuncture and the treatments - my hopes were diminished, and I didn't feel my acupuncturist was tuning in - that her treatments were haphazard and based on guesswork.


The first month after we stopped treatments, I became pregnant, but lost the baby after about 7 weeks. We decided to take a break and as a last resort that I would try acupuncture again - if that didn't work, we would consider adoption.


My sister found Anca's website, and I was very hopeful just reading the testimonials. I emailed Anca, and she called me soon after, where I was instantly comforted by her manner and hopefulness. After 3 months of Anca's treatments (and a month after I turned 40) I became pregnant, and am now over 7 months pregnant! The baby is healthy, the pregnancy is normal, and I'm sure that Anca's treatment (including her fantastic bedside manner, her emotional support, and her availability - she always returned my calls immediately) was a necessary and wonderful part of this new journey my husband and I have embarked upon.



Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby girl






MY JOURNEY TO CONCEPTION HAS BEEN A LONG ONE THAT HAS SPANNED 9 YEARS. At age 21 I was diagnosed with ovarian failure and told that my options were basically adoption. This was a hard pill to swallow given that I'd always thought I would have my own biological children and pregnancies to enjoy. It was a rite of passage for me to be pregnant and go through labor, so hearing this news was very hard for me. I had helped so many family members through labor that it was something I was comfortable with and wanted to experience first hand. So in 1995 my husband and I embarked on the journey to conception with the aid of IVF.

I made peace with using donor eggs and my husband’s sperm and looked forward to being pregnant and becoming a mother. At that time IVF technology had little to offer in terms of treating immune system issues and treatments consisted of heparin and aspirin as I tested positive for high NK cells. I went through 10 unsuccessful IVF’s with the 11th resulting in a positive pregnancy finally! By the time we came to IVF number eleven Enbrel and IVIG were being used to treat high NK assays. So not only were we finally pregnant but I was pregnant with quadruplets. We were ecstatic and terrified. At 16 weeks I was hospitalized with a high fever and delirium. I had a raging infection that took the lives of my babies one by one. Had I been given antibiotics they would have survived. Depressed and devastated to say the least we went home and decided to think about what we wanted to do next, this was 1998. In the course of 3 years we had been through 11 IVF cycles.


We decided to adopt a beautiful little girl from my native country and for the next six years we raised her and were a happy family of three. My desire have another child brought us to IVF number 12. This time my RE recommended that I get acupuncture to help with my immune system and referred me to Anca. When I met her I immediately knew that I was in good hands. I felt immediately comfortable with Anca and trusted that she could help me. I chose not to take herbs as I was on so many medications and saw Anca weekly. I came to find my sessions with her very relaxing and in a short while began to notice that my allergies were no longer bothering me. I saw this as my immune system calming down. Anca had my husband on some supplements as his sperm count needed a little help. When it came time for our transfer everything looked great, my lining was perfect and my husband's sperm count was high and we transferred 3 perfect embryos. My hCG test came back positive and we were elated.


I continued to see Anca until I was 16 weeks pregnant and then saw her monthly for tune-ups. In the beginning I had a lot of morning sickness and Anca’s treatments would alleviate this and a funny thing was that my husband asked that she not treat this as it was an identifiable symptom that the pregnancy was going well. I still needed to do IVIG but I attribute the acupuncture to this successful pregnancy. I am now 28 weeks along and plan to see Anca until I deliver our son. My husband, daughter and I are ecstatic and can't wait to welcome our new son into the family.


I feel that Anca was key in preparing my body and helping me to maintain this pregnancy. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get pregnant and stay pregnant.



M.G. gave birth to a healthy baby boy



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