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I HAD MY FIRST CHILD AT 35 WITH NO DIFFICULTIES AND THOUGHT THAT HAVING A SECOND WOULD BE JUST AS EASY. I’d been trying to conceive for three years and within that time I had two miscarriages and one pregnancy terminated due to chromosomal abnormalities discovered by a CVS test. Since then I have had many fertility tests with varying results and I began consulting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) that resulted in more tests and was then told that clotting might be a problem as well as having ovarian depletion with poor quality eggs. I was also told that if I tried to conceive naturally, my success rate would be 10%. I was told my best chances of conception were via IVF and with that procedure the success rate with my own eggs would be about 15%. I was given a Clomid challenge test, which I failed, and then conversation turned to the donor egg option as the best chance of conception. It was then that friends and my RE referred me to Anca.


I called Anca at a time when I was feeling very discouraged and confused by everything and what next steps I should take. I was certainly open to assistance with Eastern medicine since I had never done this before. After calling Anca and speaking about my situation with my diagnosis and tests, she encouraged me to wait to do IVF because she felt she could address my problems and that I had a good possibility of conceiving naturally. I scheduled an appointment and brought all my medical documents and test results to it. I was so struck by how she conducted the consultation because she was so thorough in terms of questions asked about my history and how much attention she paid to me as an individual.


"She viewed me as a whole person and not body parts. It was the most thorough intake I’ve had to date in my whole medical career."








I began weekly treatments of acupuncture and herbs. I was still contemplating IVF so I went in to see my RE for a mock transfer. During this procedure, he remarked that my follicle count had doubled to 12 and my lining thickened since it had thinned by the Clomid. He said a funny thing at that visit, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst—I was a 6 or 7, so now my prognosis had completely changed. My gut feeling at the time was that the IVF would not be successful having been through three prior difficult situations and that if I did IVF I should do donor egg.


After discussing my fears with Anca, we decided to wait three more months and try conception on our own since things looked so promising. I continued with the weekly acupuncture sessions and herbs she prescribed. Within this time period I celebrated my 39th birthday. After about three months of treatment, Anca said I was pregnant based upon my pulses. Of course I was elated but didn’t want to get my hopes up in case she was wrong. The following week I came in and had already taken a home pregnancy test although I didn’t tell Anca the results. She again checked my pulses and said I was still pregnant. The HPT test was faulty and had given me a strange reading that I had interpreted as negative and here was Anca insisting that I was pregnant. I went home and retested the next day and lo and behold it came out positive! I was so overjoyed yet so worried about this pregnancy given my prior history.


I continued to see Anca weekly for the first 14 weeks and never had a cramp or spotting. She kept assuring me that this pregnancy was a keeper and I started to feel more confident as each test came back normal. The CVS was normal and my recent 19-week scan was normal. I’m six and a half months now and continue to see her monthly. Our son is due in April and I’m so thankful to have found Anca, as she is not only my doctor and coach but my friend as well. I refer her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate and capable acupuncturist and healer.



Anne gave birth to a healthy baby boy








About 9 months ago, I was feeling quite distressed as I was struggling to become pregnant. I had miscarried a year earlier with my first pregnancy and was starting to worry that I was never going to be able to get pregnant again. My husband and I were diligent, using an ovulation kit every month, yet month after month, I continued getting my period. I knew that after a year of trying without success, I needed to see my doctor to explore possible fertility issues, especially because I was 36 years old and knew time was not on my side. However, because I really wanted to become pregnant naturally and avoid any type of fertility drug treatments, I decided to look into acupuncture first.


I had no prior experience with acupuncture, but was very open to the idea. I searched for acupuncturists for fertility issues online and found a center in San Francisco well known for their success at treating fertility. It sounded promising, however after learning more about the recommended treatments and costs (which were quickly adding up to thousands of dollars for just a few months of treatment), I felt discouraged and skeptical, wondering if the majority of acupuncturists were just about making money. However, I kept looking and came across Anca Sira’s name. When I spoke with her, I was immediately struck with my feelings of ease and her sense of humor. She asked great questions and described a much less intensive treatment (instead of 3 treatments a week, she suggested one or two a month). I got the sense that she was truly interested in helping me, so I immediately made an appointment with her.


At our first meeting, she took a long, thorough history and at the end, told me that she felt confident that I would become pregnant within 3 months. This was music to my ears, however I remained cautiously optimistic, as I did not want to get my hopes up. She prescribed some herbs for me to take and requested that I make some changes to my diet. At the beginning, she focused treatment on my painful periods, which may have been symptomatic of other problems. I soon found that during my next two menstrual cycles, I had less bloating and much less discomfort. Thus, I knew the treatments were working and that changes were happening in my body. Then during my 3rd ovulation cycle, I got pregnant… just as she predicted. I immediately called Anca to share the news and the next time I saw her (at about 6-7 weeks), she felt my pulse and said, “Yes, you are definitely pregnant. And it’s a girl!” I asked how in the world she knew that! She explained that there is a quality to the pulse that indicates not only pregnancy, but also reveals the baby’s gender. I was fascinated and could not wait to find out if she was right. At our 20-week ultrasound, we got confirmation that we are indeed having a girl. Amazing!


I am now 35-weeks along, due in January and am very excited to meet our baby girl. My husband and I feel so blessed that we have this child coming into our world, and I am thankful to Anca for her help in creating this miracle.


One of the best parts about working with Anca is not only is she skilled and knowledgeable about Eastern medicine, she is also a wonderful person. I feel like I’m going in to see a good friend whenever I have an appointment. She is compassionate, gentle, honest, and I think she truly wants to help people. An example of this: during one appointment, she prescribed a new bottle of herbs. She retrieved a bottle and explained that because a previous client had purchased the bottle but then brought it back to her unopened (the client had apparently gotten pregnant before needing the herbs), she was giving them to me for free. Anca could have easily charged me for the unopened bottle, but she didn’t. I really appreciated her integrity and honesty, and it only reinforced my trust in her.


I recommend that anyone with any fertility issues (or pregnancy related complaints) go and visit my friend Anca!


Amy gave birth to a healthy baby girl






WE HAD BEEN TRYING TO CONCEIVE FOR 18 MONTHS, and I was pretty discouraged about the whole process when I met Anca. I had been receiving acupuncture treatments for over a year at a large clinic in San Francisco. It was very cold and impersonal and felt like an assembly line, which was not helping my mindset at all. We had already completed two IUI cycles and were getting ready to move to IVF when I first contacted Anca. She was terrific from the beginning – she asked lots of questions beyond just medical issues, exploring all aspects of our lives that might affect fertility. She took a very holistic approach, which I found encouraging. For the first time in a long time I actually felt there might be a chance for us.


I worked with Anca for six months before we were ready for IVF. In the end we decided to use an egg donor because the results from our IUIs made it clear my body didn’t want to get pregnant with my own eggs. Anca was terrific as we worked through many of the emotional issues attached with the decision. In addition to acupuncture during the IVF cycle, I had a treatment immediately before and after the egg transfer. We are now very excited to be expecting twins! I have worked with Anca throughout my pregnancy to ensure everything continues to go well.


I feel Anca has played a huge role in getting us to this point. Her skill and knowledge about acupuncture and herbs have been invaluable, but I also feel that her caring and understanding of the whole process has made a profound difference. I feel like she has been a partner and friend throughout this emotional yet exciting period, and I highly recommend her to anyone going through the whole fertility “nightmare.” Fingers crossed, she’s helping us reach a very happy ending.



JoAnn gave birth to two healthy boys






I WAS REFERRED TO ANCA AFTER CONSIDERING ACUPUNCTURE WITH WHOM CONSIDERED THE GURU OF INFERTILITY ACUPUNCTURE. This other practitioner I found to be quite rigid in her practice guidelines and not someone who would work with my needs in seeking pregnancy.


Prior to considering acupuncture to achieve pregnancy, my husband and I tried for about 9 months with no success. I sensed something was wrong, as my cycles had become quite irregular and I was having erratic PMS symptoms. I finally had my hormone levels checked and discovered I was not ovulating. I was also told by two different infertility specialists that I would not get pregnant on my own and that I might not even be eligible to begin with Clomid. At the advice of my friend who is an OB/GYN nurse practitioner, I began a diet higher in protein and lower in carbs. By month two I was ovulating again and my cycles were becoming regular, but no pregnancy. Month three I got pregnant and then miscarried at 6 weeks. Then I decided to begin acupuncture after reading many promising medical reports (I am a western medical provider) supporting the benefits on acupuncture in women seeking pregnancy. Even my alma mater, Stanford School of Medicine, uses acupuncture in their IVF clinic to increase the implantation rates.


I knew I made the right decision as soon as I met Anca. She was straightforward, approachable, warm, and funny. She was optimistic about my likelihood of getting pregnant, and most of all, she worked with my comfort level regarding acupuncture. I chose not to incorporate herbs. Anca was supportive of this decision and adjusted my acupuncture schedule to accommodate this decision. During each session, she stayed with me in the room (this is unusual, as I later found out from people who saw other oriental practitioners). Part of the time she spent using tuning forks to enhance the effect and part of the time she would simply sit and talk with me. It was always a pleasure. I got pregnant the first month of acupuncture and am now about to deliver our first child. My first trimester was typical with twenty-four hour nausea. I saw Anca during this time, too, to help alleviate this. She would always return my desperate phone calls promptly and tried to work me in quickly. Acupuncture certainly worked better than ginger, small meals, and every other trick I tried.


I am so glad that I chose to try Acupuncture first when trying to get pregnant. It felt safe and non-invasive, compared with the alternative of infertility treatments. I know I am lucky that I responded well and that many women need the assistance of infertility medications. I would encourage those women to also incorporate acupuncture into their regimen. I also highly recommend Anca as a skilled and compassionate clinician in oriental medicine with a strong foundation in infertility issues.



Stephanie gave birth to a healthy baby girl.






MY HUSBAND AND I STARTED SEEING ANCA IN NOVEMBER 2002. My Fertility Specialist recommended her after a failed In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. My husband and I were struggling with infertility mainly caused by low sperm function (motility and morphology). After the failed IVF attempt I came to realize I had an egg production issue where my ovaries don’t want to respond to stimulation medication.


Immediately upon meeting Anca, I knew I was in good hands. Not only is she knowledgeable in just about everything that has to do with fertility, but her natural ability to care for people shows through in everything she does.


"I never felt like I was a number or some experiment. She really took the time to listen about everything to do with our infertility problems – both medical and emotional."








Anca put both my husband and I on a new diet, herb supplementation, and acupuncture treatments. The new diet made me feel great. In a way, I felt like I was cleansing my system. The herbs were easy to take – most of them being in capsule form, and the treatments were wonderful. They were a great chance to relax and focus on our goal of having a baby.


In February 2003, we went through our second IVF cycle. My egg production numbers went up from one egg produced the first cycle to five produced the second. And, we found out that my husband’s sperm function improved significantly in those three short months. In fact, we were even told that with those numbers we should be able to conceive on our own!


I am happy to say that we are now two months pregnant. I continue to see Anca for treatments during my pregnancy, and plan to make her acupuncture a part of my health care for years to come. When we are ready to try for our second child, we will seek Anca’s help to maximize our potential of natural conception.


Barbara and Scott

Barbara gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Recently she called to tell me that whatever I had done to Scott worked as they were now 9 weeks pregnant with number two naturally.






ANCA'S SUPPORT AND SENSE OF HUMOR HELPED TREMENDOUSLY DURING OUR VERY DIFFICULT TIME OF "INFERTILITY".Anca's support and sense of humor helped tremendously during our very difficult time of "infertility". I believe that the treatment she provided helped me to prepare my body for pregnancy. The herbs that she prescribed for my husband boosted his sperm count, eventually helping us to conceive. We are now expecting our first child in July!



Susan gave birth to a healthy baby boy






MY HUSBAND AND I HAD BEEN TRYING TO GET PREGNENT FOR ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF WITH NO LUCK. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half with no luck. We used the ovulation kits and had even been to a fertility doctor but still couldn't get pregnant. Finally, a friend suggested that I consider acupuncture and recommended that I go see Anca. I didn't know much about acupuncture but thought I would give it a try. I went to see Anca and she was wonderful. She gave me a treatment and put me on some herbs. We also talked about me tracking my temperature on a daily basis. I went back a couple of weeks later and had another treatment done. A few weeks later I was shocked and elated to find out that I was pregnant. My husband and I truly believe that Anca was our angel in helping us get pregnant. We would highly recommend anyone experiencing infertility problems to go and see Anca.



Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby girl.






AFTER TWO YEARS AND THREE REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGISTS, I FOUND ANCA - who combined the best virtues of a doctor, coach and acupuncturist. This was my second attempt at pregnancy. I conceived, four years ago, with the help of Clomid. But the second time around, after six months of seeing Clomid, I still wasn’t pregnant.


My husband and I were tested and all our “levels” were good -- if not great. I had an FSH of 5.6, at the age of 39! So, I decided it was time to seek help from an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility challenges. I adhered to an extremely restrictive diet, took more herbs than I can count and religiously had acupuncture treatments once a week for almost a year. Still nothing.

That’s when we decided to try a more traditional, more aggressive Western approach, in conjunction with acupuncture and herbs. But after a few IUIs, more acupuncture, and more herbs – still nothing. My endocrinologist suddenly moved. So I found another, and then another. More tests, more drugs, more herbs. No luck.


Then I found Anca.


Her approach was supportive and nurturing. This was something I wasn’t getting elsewhere, which I knew I needed. I was attempting one of life’s most emotional endeavors – to create another life. I’d spent almost two years being poked, prodded, starved, herbed, and injected. But I hadn’t been nurtured.


Anca took the time to ask me about my history and my life, as well as my medical rap sheet. She called me immediately when something occurred to her and didn’t wait till my next appointment. Anca’s interest in my desire to conceive was as natural as it was exceptional. She was attentive and understanding. She was my coach, my doctor and my friend.


I am now entering my sixth month of pregnancy. I feel great and still seek Anca’s treatment and advice. I recommend her often to people I know, and even to some that I’ve just met!



Lori gave birth to a healthy baby girl.


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